Study of geodesy at University of Bonn and Ohio State University, Columbus, OH. Diploma in Engineering (Dipl. Ing.) in 1957. Joined IBM Germany as application programmer during same year in Sindelfingen, Germany. Was data-center manager (IBM 650, IBM 7070) in Duesseldorf, Germany (1959-1962). Afterwards as system software developer at the IBM laboratories in La Gaude, France, Time/Life, N.Y., and Poughkeepsie, N.Y., participating in a 7090 Algol project, the definition of PL/I, and the design of OS/360.  Since 1965 software development manager at the IBM laboratory in Boeblingen, Germany. Was responsible for compiler, operating system, and data base system developments. Gained experience in system performance evaluation, system architecture, and software tools development.

Obtained Ph.D. in computer science (1975) and title of honorary professor (1986), both from the University of Stuttgart, Germany. Lecturer in computer science at the University of Stuttgart between 1976 and 1992. Achieved positions of Senior Technical Staff Member and member of IBM Academy of Technology. Retired from IBM at end of 1992, after 35 years of service.

Taught at University of Rostock for one semester (1992-93). Held position of full-time professor of computer science at Technical University of Munich from 1993 to 1997, supervising three Ph.D. and some 20 diploma thesis. Lead joint research project on digital libraries, called MeDoc, involving 30 German universities and colleges and 14 publishers. Named fellow of Gesellschaft für Informatik (German Informatics Society) in 2003, and senior member of IEEE in 1987. Was founding chairman of the German chapter of the ACM. Author or co-author of 12 technical books and about 80 technical papers, mainly on computer science and software engineering. Was editor-in-chief of "Informatik - Forschung und Entwicklung" (now called Computer Science Research and Development) from 1986 - 1999. Spending most of his time now on hobbies (his health permitting), like traveling and writing stories about persons or events from local history. The latter activity has resulted in about 80 non-technical publications, four books and one CD. Most recent publications are listed in  sections on Books, Papers and Media. Since January 2011, Bertals Blog is his new electronic outlet.

Born 1932; married since 1962 with Dr. Waltraut Wehmeyer; three grown-up children (Jutta, Ralf, Silke); three children-in-law (Chris, Heike, Stefan), and four grandchildren (Kathrin, Marcus, Moritz, Olivia).


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